Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc offers great career opportunities throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. Assurance Guards & Patrol, Inc is always looking for top talent to join our team.Our agents are screened to meet all of the government licensing requirements. We aim to hire the most qualified and best agents to accompany our clients in their security needs. We offer competitive salaries to qualified candidates, including US military veterans and former law enforcement personnel. Hourly salaries take into consideration, the local labor market, working environment, the skill level and performance objectives required for officers.

Our screening process includes:

  • In-depth personal interviews
  • Prior employment verification
  • Military discharge verification (if applicable)
  • Education verification

Job Aplication

Are you currently working?
Are you armed?
Do you have firearm permit?
Are you unarmed?
Do you have guard card?
Days available to work :
Desired shift :
Do you object to patrolling, standing, or sitting for long periods of time?
How would you measure your knowledge of a security guard’s paperwork?
What position are you looking for?
Are you willing to work part time?
Are you willing to work a 4 hour shift if offered?
Are you willing to work a 6 hour shift if offered?
Do you have any objections to being moved from location to location?

To apply to Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc and view an entire list of available positions please email your resume at our headquarters:

We have highly qualified technicians that will review your application and return to you promptly.

Note: You Must Have Adobe Acrobat installed on your computer to be able to view this job application in PDF format. If you don’t have Adobe Acrobat Reader, click here to download it.

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