Armed Security Guard Services

At Assurance Guard Patrol, we offer professional and reliable armed security guard services for clients who require an added layer of protection. Our team of highly trained and experienced armed security guards are licensed and equipped to provide top-notch security services to clients across a range of industries, including retail, corporate, residential, and industrial.

Our armed security guard services include:

Protection against threats: Our armed security guards are trained to respond quickly and effectively to any threat or security breach that may occur. They are equipped with the latest technology and tactical equipment to handle any situation.

Deterrence: The presence of our armed security guards acts as a strong deterrent to potential criminals or intruders, reducing the likelihood of any security breach.

Access control: Our armed security guards can monitor and control access to sensitive areas of a property, ensuring that only authorized personnel have access.

Patrolling: Our armed security guards can conduct regular patrols of the property to identify potential security threats and take proactive measures to prevent them from occurring.

Professionalism: Our armed security guards are not only highly trained and experienced, but also maintain a professional demeanor at all times, representing your company or property with the highest level of integrity and respect.

At Assurance Guard Patrol, we understand that every client’s security needs are unique. That’s why we work closely with our clients to develop customized security plans that meet their specific requirements. Our armed security guard services are designed to provide our clients with the peace of mind and protection they need to focus on their business or property. Contact us today to learn more about our armed security guard services and how we can help protect you.


  • Professional On-Site Security
  • Mobile Patrol Service
  • Reliable and Punctual Officers
  • Licensed, Insured, & Bonded
  • Highly Trained Officers


Mr. Ratib Norzai – Shopping Center

I’ve never had a problem with this security company. If you are looking for security in a commercial or residential building, I highly recommend Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc. They are very proactive with communication and they respond immediately to any issues.

Mr. Heywad Abdi – Hardware Business

I use Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc to protect my Hardware Business in and around the building. My experience with them throughout the years has been a positive one! They are on the level, competent, forthright and honest. No company is perfect, but I can say that

Mr. Hayat Jalala – Construction Site

Great service! I have been working with Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc on a variety of projects over the last several years. I have several construction sites operating at the same time with expensive materials, equipment and construction vehicles,

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  • Licensing and insurance: Our company is fully licensed and insured to provide security services, giving you peace of mind knowing that you’re protected in case of any accidents or damage that may occur while our security personnel are on your property.
  • Experience and reputation: We have a solid track record and reputation in the community, built over years of providing quality security services. We’re happy to provide references and you can also check out our online reviews to see what our clients have to say.
  • Range of services: We offer a wide variety of security services to meet your specific needs, whether it’s event security or security for residential communities, our team are fully trained and qualified to handle the job.
  • Training and qualifications: Our security personnel are highly trained and qualified to provide top-notch security services. We have strict hiring and training processes in place to ensure that only the best are on our team.
  • Communication and responsiveness: Good communication is key when it comes to security services. You can reach us quickly and easily in case of an emergency and we respond promptly to ensure your safety.
  • Flexibility: We understand that every client is unique and we are flexible enough to accommodate your specific needs. Our services can be tailored to meet your requirements.
  • Price and value for money: We strive to provide the best value for money while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We work to make our prices competitive while never compromising on service quality.



  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • San Bernardino
  • Riverside County
  • San Diego County
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