Commercial Security Services

Commercial Security Service

Commercial security is becoming increasingly more essential to the businesses and corporations.  Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc understands this and takes protecting human, physical, and intellectual assets very seriously.  From small businesses to the largest ones, we can create a security solution to meet your needs.

Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc is able to handle both routine monitoring and individual needs for businesses. Whether you are looking for an across-the-board security program or just some extra guards to help with what security you already have, our security guards and officers will assess your security needs and provide effective solutions.

Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc Provides Services for all Commercial Property Types

This includes warehouses, manufacturing plants, corporations located in multiple buildings, and others. Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc has the required resources to ensure your company’s safety, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Our Commercial Security Services Include:

  • Uniformed Armed Guards
  • Uniformed Unarmed Guards
  • Visitor and Employee Identification
  • Lobby Surveillance
  • Vehicle Patrol Services
  • CCTV Monitoring
Mall Security Services

Retail shopping centers and malls require security guards with a wide range of skills. From tending to the special needs of a scared lost child and the sensitivity required for an irate parent that has lost their child, to being the first responders in a theft accusation, Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc enlists only highly skilled security guards to provide security in a professional and tactful manner. Nowhere else is the presence of professional security vital to the success of a retail establishment. Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc understands its critical role in providing every customer, visitor, and employee with unparalleled security services. Our agents don’t think it’s just their job-it’s a partnership.

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