Employ Armed Guards in Winnetka to protect your Business Investments

If you own a business, you may wish to have a security guard on your staff. In most cases, you will only need to hire an unarmed security guard. In some instances, however, you may feel the need to look into hiring armed security guards when it comes to higher risk jobs as well as involving higher valued goods as well. Armed security guards are also better suited for high crime areas and high value targets. Armed guards can provide greater deterrent effect through the guards’ capabilities of immediate lethal response. The armed guards at Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc are highly trained professional guards who will let criminals know that there can be lethal consequences when it comes to criminal action on your property. At Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc, we offer the highest standards in armed security services and all of our armed guards have gone through rigorous background checks and are qualified to handle weapons, with many having prior military or law enforcement experience and training. Some areas of business which may require the enlisting of armed guards are financial institutions such as banks, hospitals, pharmacies, clinics, high end retailers, cash on hand outlets, and in high crime neighborhood businesses. Our services are guaranteed and we provide 24 hour supervision, with a supervisor checking the post and guards frequently patrolling your location. We offer:
  • Guard patrol,
  • Vehicle patrol,
  • Lockup and alarm services,
  • Foot, bike and golf cart patrol.
Our armed and unarmed guards are both ready to protect your business, and commercial or residential properties. Our security guards provide the highest quality service. Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc offers armed guards in Winnetka to protect your high value business and investments. Our armed guards are ready to protect your high risk and high value apartments, banks, business parks, construction sites, health care facilities, hotels, high rise buildings, manufacturing facilities, school campuses, shopping centers and malls. Although we are headquartered in Winnetka in the San Fernando Valley, we offer our security guard services to the neighboring counties of the greater Los Angeles area, including Ventura County, Kern County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County, Orange County, and San Diego County. Assurance Guards & Patrol,Inc has been providing high quality armed and unarmed security guard services for over twenty five years. We offer our services to all clients, regardless of the size of their business. We are a bonded and insured company with competitive prices.  
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